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The History of Meat: Butchering

Last time we were here we talked about the history of meat and the way it works as a part of humanity and as a portion of the human condition. Having touched on that, we are now going to go further by quite a span of time. Doing this we are moving forward to go beyond just hunting and eating, and we are going to get into the topic of butchering meat as a profession and a necessity.

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The Story of the Bad Burger

The quality of the meat is what makes the difference between the dream burger and the standard, run-of-the-mill burger that anyone can make… including any restaurant that offer you a horrible dining experience.

The lesson - your can make your own burgers for less, faster, and better than most restaurants. The best part is that it is probably easier than you think!

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The Unmitigated Truth about Food Research Studies

Have you read the studies about what food is good, bad, or generally indifferent for your body and your brain? What is interesting with these studies is who pays for them, and bearing that in mind, you should be aware that these studies might not be telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…

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