The Northfork, Part II: Wineries and Wine Events

The Northfork, Part II:

Wineries and Wine Events

 We normally talk about meat… and meat… and even more meat, but today we are going to follow up on our last post talking about events and goings-on in the North Fork of The Island.  This follow-up is going to concern itself with something that Long Island is known for… but something that most people never think about.

             Good afternoon, and welcome back! 

            We hope that your autumn is going well – while we know that in the Great Northeast that barbecue season is definitely over at this point, there are plenty of other things to look forward to. 

            Think of the crisp smells and flavors, and the deep and exciting experiences, that occur in autumn. 

            Really – think about it.  In what other season do you carve pumpkins, trick-or-treat, or have the potential for a dozen costume parties in the same month?

            What other time of year can you pick fresh, juicy, and sharp apples or see the leaves change color?

            And, most importantly, when else do you get that “feel” from autumn… you know the one, right?  The air is chill, its crisp, and it has a light scent to it that is just comforting and relaxing.

            Yes, we miss summer – but the fall season is where it is at for so many other things, and it is the start of some great food holidays (and being a butcher shop, we cannot help but bring that up!).

            This is also wine season in the North Country, believe it or not… and the Northfork is proud to offer different wineries, each of which offers unique wine styles that people do clamor to this area for this time of year.

The Wineries

            There are a number of wineries in this area, but we have decided to just a pick a few that we find to be some of our favorites.  All of these wineries have truly unique products (most of the time these are listed on their websites), and they have tours, tastings, and stellar reputations.

            That being said, let’s go and get right into it – the Wineries of the North Fork!

            Croteaux Vineyards.

            When you think of the name Croteaux, you probably think of croissants, champagne, and the Eiffel Tower before you think about the North Fork of Long Island.  However, this is a well-known winery in New York.

            What makes Croteaux unique is, as per their website, they make rosé wine, and only rosé wine.  As they say, they are the only winery in the entire United States that can make this claim

            Why does this matter?

            If you know anything at all about wine, the world over tends to think of American rosé wines as less-than-desirable, often considering them an afterthought (at best) or an outright joke (at worst).  The mission of Croteaux is to change this viewpoint on American rosé and to bring the idea of this wine being not only acceptable, but highly appreciable, throughout the world. 

            As you approach the vineyard of Croteaux, you will be greeted by a luxurious villa-style estate with acres of gorgeous grapes.  This is a vineyard that takes its winemaking seriously, although they do say they plan to make it nothing but fun to sip!

            The Croteaux Vineyards are open from 12 PM to 6:30 PM daily throughout the fall season.

            Bedell Cellars.

            The Bedell Wine Cellar has a longstanding history of quality, with it first opening in 1980.  The original owners received multiple awards for their expertly handcrafted red wines and their elegantly balanced white wines.  In fact, the wines and the overall atmosphere has been so highly revered that Bedell has been named by major publications as something special; the New York Times, The WSJ, and Wine Spectator make up a few of these publications.

            In fact, if you go to their “press” page, you will see the face of a very famous figure who regularly visited Bedell… (I will leave you to look for yourself).

            When considering Bedell, you should know that the tasting room is regarded as one of the top 25 in America, and because of this they do generate a lot of business.  That being said, do yourself a favor and make reservations.

            Bedell Cellars is open from 11 AM to 5 PM Sunday through Friday, and from 11 AM to 7 PM on Saturday.

            Sparkling Pointe: Methode Champenoise.

            Sparkling Pointe is another location that bears a French name, and within its name it claims “Methode Champenoise”, which translates to “champagne-type”.  This is fair, since this vineyard focuses its efforts on crafting sparkling wines reminiscent of the true Champagne Style found across the pond. 

            (Of course, you cannot call it champagne since it is not made in France)

            Sparkling Pointe wines are carried at a large number of high-end locations within the North Fork area, including retailers and restaurants.

            However, to get the truest experience of what it would feel like to sip champagne in an authentic French tasting room, attend a tasting event.  Whether a public or a private affair, you should know that you will be in for a real treat.

            Sparkling Pointe has hours of operation listed as 11 AM to 6 PM daily while in season. 

            Macari Vineyards.

            Where the other vineyards we discussed all have a specific and unique approach to winemaking, if you are to look at the wine selection at the Macari Vineyards, you will see that their approach is more general. 

            However, do not think that general means any less impressive; they offer whites, reds, sparkling wine, and a few designer wines (check out the Macari Sette, which is a full-bodied and well-rounded red blend). 

            Macari also offers a wine-tasting club, and they have a subscription membership.  All of the information for is listed on their website.  With their memberships you get a free tasting yearly, so do be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

            The Macari Vineyards offer tastings from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday at their Mattituck location, and both of their locations have hours of 11 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Think about it…

            Think about the taste, mouthfeel, scent, and body of quality wines.  Whether white, red, rosé, sparkling, or a unique blend, wines pair well with many different foods.  Think about wine and cheese, or wine and steak, or wine and chocolate… or some wine with all of the above (in small doses and different courses, of course).

            Take the time to go into the North Fork this fall season; enjoy the autumn weather and enjoy the release of the new vintage wines that are available at these fine North Fork wineries, vineyards, cellars, and tasting rooms.

            Trust us, you will be glad you stopped by – you will not find a better way to spend a couple of hours in the cool fall than by stopping by an elite tasting room and sampling truly unique and fine handcrafted wines.