The Northfork: Living the Life

The Northfork:

Living the Life

We normally talk about meat… and meat… and even more meat.  TODAY we are going to take the time to discuss the home of Wayside Market – the North Fork of Long Island, often just called The Northfork, or NOFO.  You might thing that the end of summer is the time to run from here for warmer weather… but is it really?  Keep reading to learn more!

            Good evening (or whatever time of day you are reading this), and welcome back to the Wayside blog!  We are especially excited today to talk to you about something other than meat.

            Seriously, yes, that is what we are going to do… we are going to talk about something else…

            That something else is The Northfork itself!

            A lot of people start to notice when there is a slight chill in the air, and when the leaves start to turn in NY, and then those that are from places other than NY start to flee this area.

            Granted, in some ways this could be considered nice, as the roads are less congested, life kind of slows back down… but on the other hand, we would be doing a disservice to all of you if we did not share all of the excitement that happens in NOFO (something else we often called our beloved North Fork) in the Autumn months.

            Indeed, believe it or not, you might find that September and October are the absolute best times to be visiting (or even living!) in NOFO.

            That being said, let’s get into the events and locations that prove that the Northfork is an exciting place to be, even after Labor Day!

            Our Top 5 Events

            Look, we know that everyone has their favorite events when it comes down to fall – we know that another person or place will recommend other locations, other events, or other things that they find more interesting.

            Hey, that is perfectly fine!

            We know that everyone has different tastes, and that everyone expects something just a little bit different out of their adventure into NOFO.

            That being said, our top five will include things that all have unique qualities – in fact, many of these will share some commonalities, but each one is different enough where they are all worth exploring!

            The Sunflower Maze.

            Most of us have heard of, or perhaps been to, a corn maze.  However, there is a unique experience present here in the Northfork called The Sunflower Maze.  This is put on by the North Fork Potato Chips, and it is a truly exciting event.  You can run through an explore a maze of beautifully grown sunflowers, and before or after (or even during, as long as you remember to care for your waste) you can indulge in the perfectly cooked and delicious kettle cooked chips. 

These premium kettle cooked chips come in great varieties, such as:

·       Barbecue

·       Sour Cream and Onion

·       Sweet Potato Chips

·       Salt and Vinegar

·       Cheddar and Onion

·       And North Fork Potato Chip’s unique Rosemary & Garlic chips

           The last one on this list is important… if you think about one of the other things that NOFO is known for, it makes sense that a unique original would be present to complement another local taste.

           What is that local taste?

           No… not yet… keep reading!  :)

            The Giving Room.

            If running around in the sun is not your thing, or eating potato chips is not your thing, then we would suggest taking time out to go over to the Giving Room.

            What is the Giving Room?

            The Giving Room itself is a local yoga studio that specializes in retreats, private training, and various events.

            Now, a lot of yoga studios might do this, that is a given. 

            What sets the Giving Room apart is the fact that they have a juice bar and light snacks that are immediately available.

            These juices and snacks are all taken from local farmers, and they are all made with the health of your mind and body as a factor.  The menu is quite extensive (you can find the menu active since May HERE).  The juices and the snacks are healthful and delicious, and the instructors are fantastic. 

           You can make a whole day or just a few hours at the Giving Room, and either way you will find it is time well spent!

            Founder’s Landing.

            If you are looking to escape any hustle or bustle (not that you will find must here after Labor Day) you should head over to Founder’s Landing.  Quiet and peaceful, the park has a great view of the inlet, and this is a great place to prepare yourself a fantastic Wayside steak over an open fire.  When you do, just make sure that you are in an area that permits the use of flame or grills – check the local laws and restrictions, and as long as you do, we are certain that you will find the cooler weather goes perfectly with your steak.

            That is to say perfectly with your steak… and one other special product this area is known for.

            Greenport Oysters.

            Who doesn’t love fresh seafood?  These is just something to be said for fresh caught and well-prepared seafood – it grabs our attention, and it carriers a unique flavor that we simply cannot find with our land-walking friends.

            That being said, those of us in the North Fork are excited when the Greenport Harbor Brewery puts on this fantastic event!  Fresh oysters, made and served in a number of different ways pairs well with the top-notch beers and ales that are crafted at Greenport Harbor Brewery.

            Darkside Haunted House.

            For over 20 years now, the Wading River area has held the even known as the Darkside Haunted House has been happening in the NOFO area.  This sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and always entertaining event brings out crowds of people.

            While this even does not happen until early October, the fact that so many people will turn out for this (and that it has been going on for over 20 years) should tell you that this is an exciting event not to be missed.  They have concession booths with top-quality local food, and they also sell souvenirs that will prove you survived the encounter here!

And Let’s not Forget…

            Before we forget, there is one other thing that bears mentioning… and it should be in our top 5… but it is not.


            Because… this is something that is so ever present, so defining, and so important to this region that it stands alone….

            This one thing – the thing that complements your Wayside steak, the Rosemary & Garlic kettle cooked chips, and yes, even your oysters?


            There are numerous locations that offer wine tastings, there are a large number of vineyards, and the selection is unique to the region!

That is that!

            Join us next week – what we will do next week is get into some of the fall locations that serve wine.  Whether you are looking for a tasting, a vineyard to tour, a fall event, or you just want to go and take photos from a distance, we will have the information here!

            Until next time, eat well, live well, be well, and yes, check out the amazing events going on right here in the Northfork!