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Back to the Farm… The History of Poisoned Chicken

Today we are going back to the farm… but not a nice one with rolling fields, happy grazing animals, and family members working hard to get by – no, we are going back to visit the idea of the factory farm because we uncovered yet MORE information you might not know about in regards to your factory farms and your chicken!

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The Return of Pasture-Raised Beef

Farms have been a stable of world culture for thousands of years, and people have often taken great pride in the health of their crops and animals, and the reputation they had for treating the animals, earth, and plants as family. These days, these values are depreciating as the modern factory farm is taking over… and the results might make you question your eating habits!

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Community Supported Agriculture: The Future of Farming?

Most of us have heard the term “think globally, act locally”, but probably have not really given that a whole lot of thought. Today, we are going to talk about a wave that is not coming… because it is already here! While many people might not necessarily think global, acting local is evident with some of the new movements we are seeing, such as CSA Farming!

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