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Back to the Farm… The History of Poisoned Chicken

Today we are going back to the farm… but not a nice one with rolling fields, happy grazing animals, and family members working hard to get by – no, we are going back to visit the idea of the factory farm because we uncovered yet MORE information you might not know about in regards to your factory farms and your chicken!

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An Introduction Perfect Pairings, Part I Beef

We have talked a little bit before about the idea of pairing different spices, and sharing different ideas as it is related to food, serving food, and preparing food. But we have not, as of yet, talked much at all about pairing! Honestly, what good is a juicy burger, succulent steak, stuffed pork chop, or perfectly marinated chicken without a collection of sides and drinks?

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Self-Policed Meat Inspections: A Disaster Looking for a Place to Happen?

While this topic sounds like a new Trump Administration move, this is a topic that has been tossed around for multiple presidential administrations.  In short, the meat industry wants to police itself for safety and eschew the federal and state health inspections of meat.  Is this a good thing, or does this pose a public health risk?

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