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We are back to help you Spice things Up…

Welcome back! Last week we talked about the differences of pasture raised versus factory farmed animals. Or, more accurately, we began talking about the dangers of factory farming and put the benefits of pasture-raised on hold… and we were supposed to revisit this today. HOWEVER, we got such an amazing response on our write-up on spices, we are going to put this pasture-raised debate off a week and tell you more about spices!

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There is a Magical Elixir… One that makes Meat meatier…

Really think about that; the smell of a gently warming steak, the sound of the sizzle as the steak hits the grill (or pan, we won’t judge… much), the sight of the beef popping and jerking as it slowly works up to a perfect medium rare… But, as much as we all love meat, there is always a way to make it just a *little* better.

And we talk about that RIGHT HERE!

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