Eating Better, Feeling Better, an Spending Less!

How to be Fitter, Faster, and Stronger…

All while eating MORE, and eating BETTER, than you

do now!


            First, Happy Friday!  TGIF, and TGIFF (Thank God its FUN Friday)!!!

            And, back to our headline…

Seriously… this is a real thing.  As humans we are wired to want to eat, and we are wired to want to eat as much as we can until we are totally full.

            Now, we all know the problems with this… they include things like unsightly excessive body fat…

            Or heart conditions.


            The proverbial “highs” and “crashes” from the overconsumption of sugar…

            All of these are real issues that we need to think about when we eat food… overeating can make us heavier; it can make us sick, and it can force us to feel badly about ourselves by making us feel unhealthy.

            But maybe, just maybe, there is a way to get around this.

            What if you could eat healthy, natural, and whole food to your heart’s content?  And what if eating that food would actually make you:

·       More immune to disease

·       More mentally alert

·       Visibly healthier (think more muscle, increased flexibility)

·       Experience less joint pain

·       Have glowing skin

            … and there is SO MUCH more!

            So, the question so many people are now thinking is quite simple…


“If there is a food that is the equivalent to the fountain of youth… why isn’t everyone eating it?”


            This is a fair question… and a lot of people are not going to appreciate the answer… but this answer is one that has existed for thousands of years.

            It is what allowed our ancestors to keep up with, hunt, and protect themselves against vicious predators in eons past…

            …in fact, the type of food we are talking about is a meat that was so revered, so demanded, and so sought after for over 300,000 years that in many ancient cultures only the greatest hunters, warriors, and wisemen (and women) were permitted to eat it

            This food… this MEAT… is none other than:

Organ Meat!

Make no mistake… this IS organ meat… and most people LOVE it!

Make no mistake… this IS organ meat… and most people LOVE it!

            Now… I can almost hear the sound of most of the readers immediately clicking the “X” in the upper corner of their screen, along with the collective…


            We admit… the idea of organ meat, or offal, or chitterlings, or tripe…

            …Livers and hearts…

            …Kidneys and tongue meat…

            …and other organs might seem to sound unappealing. 

            However… the truth is that there is something in these types of meat that have stood the test of time.  Many cultures do still enjoy these meats…

            And many of them live better lives than those of us that are against these types of meat.

            For example… have you ever seen the smile of an African tribal member?  These are people that eat what is available to avoid shortages, and yes… very often this includes organ meat.

            What is the result?

            Their teeth are brilliant white… they have glowing skin, great muscle tone, and their eyes have a natural sparkle to them.

            It cannot be coincidental that people that have limited to no access to modern medicine, dentistry, or dermatological assistance and yet look happier and healthier.

            The secret?  The organ meat that has kept us healthy for literally thousands of centuries! 

            Or hundreds of millennia… depending on your philosophical bent.

            Seriously, just think of some of the benefits of some common organ meat:


            The liver is absolutely loaded with B vitamins, A vitamins, potassium, half a dozen trace minerals and metals needed in the diet, and it is full of protein.  Yes, liver is definitely higher in fat and cholesterol than many people are willing to accept, but despite this many medical professionals and nutritionists STILL consider this the meat superfood!


            The heart has a number of the same benefits as the liver, but it is popular in something that many people (specifically athletes) will purchase as a supplement to help their performance.  This compound?


            CoQ-10 fights cancer, improves glycogen uptake, reduces cholesterol, decreases blood pressure, and assists in treating chronic fatigue syndrome.  Basically, the heart muscle is easily the original cure for so much that ails us in this day and age!


            Believe it or not, while your kidneys do the task of helping to remove some minor toxins from your blood (regulating sodium, potassium, and other necessary but harmful if overconsumed micro-nutrients) eating kidneys seems to help this process along!


            The big issue at hand here is that all organ meat has health benefits… it is important to note that organs are loaded with healthful enzymes, heart-healthy omegas, natural vitamins, rare phytochemicals (like CoQ-10), and there are other benefits, as well.

            Really, organ meat can be a truly amazing experience.

            If you still do not believe me… go into any fine restaurant… see what the truly wealthy and fabulous are eating.

            In many cases, these 4- and 5-star restaurants have organ meat on the menu… and they often sell out of it!

            Yes… right now, in this day and age, due to a combination of strong and unique flavor, people that can afford to have organ meat cooked properly are getting organ meat cooked by 4- and 5- star chefs.

            However… it does not have to be this fancy…

            Do you like… sausage?


            Hot dogs?

            Any type of mixed meat?

            Let’s call a spade a spade… if you enjoy any of that, then you are enjoying organ meat… its just cleverly disguised!

            Thinking about that, shouldn’t you do yourself a favor and try out some recipes on organ meat?

            Some or our favorites are HERE and HERE… and really, if the idea of organ meat is that it will be tough or flavorless, there are other ways to ensure that the meat is palatable…

            Soak it in lime juice… cook it at a sub 300 temperature… there are a number of things you can do to ensure that the food you are eating is going to be the food that you are loving!


            Now, there are some problems with organ meat…

            They can carry mad cow diseases or other illnesses, poorly handled organs can cause terrible illnesses… and an overconsumption of organ meat can cause gout.

            While we cannot help with the gout, getting your organ meat from a reputable supplier (such as a local butcher you trust) is a good way to ensure that what you are getting is safe, and will offer the health benefits that you are seeking.

            That being said, stop into Wayside and get your healthy, helpful, and hearty organ meat today… your body will thank you, and you will do as promised…

            Faster, smarter, stronger….

            And just BETTER!